Ilaiyaraja’s song for Olympics 2012!!

The essence of music and the love that many have for it need not be explained. And the key reason for that are few gifted musicians whose compositions have struck the chords of many hearts. A legend in that area is Ilaiyaraja. Aptly titled as ‘Isai Gnani’ in Tamil, the musical maestro has got phenomenal achievements.
Now, he is adding another feather onto his cap. News is that Ilaiyaraja’s old song has been chosen to be played during the grand opening ceremony of the International Olympics 2012 at London. This is being orchestrated by the famous Danny Boyle of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ fame.
This is going to be part of the world music which would be played during the opening. The song happens to be from the Tamil movie ‘Ram Lakshman’ which came in 1981 starring Kamal Haasan. The track goes ‘Nanthaan Ungappanda…’ ironically it is heard that Ilaiyaraja was surprised that this number was chosen as it was not one of his popular ones.