Ileana Depends On ‘Beer & Butter’

Ileana is well known for her heat raising wide-hip and hour-glass waist. But, everything is lost in her recent movie ‘Snehitudu’ with no vigor and lifeless curvy body.
Apparently, she is back to her original fat after losing heavy skin for Shankar’s ‘Snehitudu’. Fragile hands, sharpened nose and a waist that lost previous glow are her characteristics in the recent past. With the advice of people from Telugu industry, Ileana decided to grow back to normal by getting her ‘sexy fat’ at the right places. To get the curves right, first you need to grow fast and hit a gym to mould them into shape. Some say Ileana is depending on lot of butter items and is drinking heavy beer to accommodate cholesterol fast in her curvaceous body.
However sources close to the starlet wiped this off as nonsense. ‘She eats lot of vegetables and practices yoga to get back her sexy physic’. Always gossips surround hot heroines and Ileana cares a damn about them, they added. Whatever it is, she is gearing her canons ready to flat out Telugu audience again!