Ileana Exposes Her True Colours

Very few girls do such daring things, and now hip siren Ileana Dcruzz has joined the league. We’ve already reported that this hottie is daring to go without makeup for a film if anyone seriously convinces her with the role. As she made those comments, many fans have trolled her on social networks challenging her to post at least one picture on internet without wearing any makeup.
“Post your picture without makeup and then talk about acting in a film without donning grease paint”, some fans said, taking potshots at her. Ileana took the challenge seriously and has immediately come up with the picture you’re witnessing now.
“Selfie for a cause! Sans the grease paint! #EduSelfie #CelebrateLife (sic)”, Ileana said, as if she is sharing this picture to raise skin-cancer awareness. Maybe, but we know the real intention. Earlier South starlet Trisha dared to share such a no makeup selfie, while other big heroines never showcased their true color.