Ileana losing her Charm ?

One of the most prominent, sexy and beautiful heroines in the top league circuit of Tollywood is Ileana. This sexy hip beauty has been part of some big hits in her career but lately she has been going through a slump of sorts. As if that is not enough, Ileana has now done something which is hard to digest by her admirers.

The pretty girl has cut down her weight and is attempting for a size zero figure. Due to that, she has lost her entire charm and looks like a sick patient. However, when this criticism came to her during the time of ‘Snehitudu’, Ileana reportedly mentioned that she has taken the feedback and would be back with a bang.
Forget the bang but Ileana has now come back with more shock. Recently, she was present during the audio release function of ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’ and still she has not done anything about her weight or pretty face. Well, if this continues longer then there is no doubt that Ileana will have to pack her bags.