Ileana Makes It Public One More Time

Acknowledging an affair publicly takes guts though they do it in indirect way. For the second time again, hip beauty Ileana D’cruzz spoke at large about her relationship with Australian photographer Andrew as she credited him as a pillar of strength. Time and again, Ileana is busy confirming that she is into a cute relationship with her foreign friend and is busy talking about it. 
The other day Ileana attended the premiere of her yesterday’s release ‘Happy Ending’, walking hand in hand with her rumored boyfriend Andrew. At a time when onlookers are busy biting ears about these two, she tweeted a picture of them both and cleared something for gossip mongers. “At the premiere of Happy Ending, with my strength, support and everything”, she tweeted, sharing the pictures. And that sets the record clear as she openly confirmed her love for Andrew and he too reciprocated on social circuits about it earlier.