Ileana tries to put on weight !

Heroine Ileana will always be remembered by men even in the years to come….for her sexy hips and her captivating face onscreen. While she has a strong set of followers among the cine circuit and audience, recently she received a lot of brickbats for her act. Well, Ileana became thin reed just so that her belly dance in the film ‘Snehitudu’ looks sexy.

However, that act backfired and many criticized Ileana for shrinking like that. Now, it is heard that Ileana has taken that feedback seriously and she has been into a lot of drinking and sleeping to gain weight. By drinking we mean a lot of milk products and sleeping well. It is heard that some of them have suggested Ileana to do that.

In order to put on some extra pounds like the way she did in ‘Kick’ and ‘Bhale Dongalu’, Ileana is reportedly binging on milk shakes, protein shakes and other healthy diet with proper hours of sleeping. Soon, she would be