I’m Not Writing For Pawan, Nor He Asked

vijayendra prasad

If someone from film industry tells a word, then in no time it is becoming a sentence and also a big paragraph. Thanks to the creativity of media folks who are blowing things out of proportion. That’s what happened in Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad’s case too.

Actually, when asked about the much talked about ‘interval bang’ of the movie Baahubali 2, he has revealed that Pawan Kalyan is an inspiration behind this. Prasad cited then, “when fans went into a frenzy after Adivi Sesh uttered Pawan Kalyan’s name at Baahubali 1 audio launch, the idea has struck me about people going uproar with Baahubali’s name”

Ever since he gave that statement, rumours have kept flowing that Vijayendra Prasad is writing a story for Pawan Kalyan and soon the film will materialise. As the matter came to the notice of Prasad, he clarified the air saying, “I’ve not approached Pawan, nor he approached me for a story. For now, I’m not writing anything for him”. That puts end to the Baahubalian rumours surrounding these two big celebs.

At the same time, Vijayendra Prasad also clarified again that he’s thinking about a simple subject for Rajamouli’s next. “My son asked me to come up with a story that doesn’t need any single bit of visual effects. So I’m on it”, he added.

We’ve to see what sort of Baahubalian magic Rajamouli does now through Vijayendra Prasad.