Imminent Change points to good or bad?

The present political situation in Andhra Pradesh and even in the Country shows that change is imminent and the moment general elections are held, people will show exit doors to the leaders that are ruling the State and the Country at present. Many surveys conducted by leading organisations point towards imminent change with the present parties which are ruling the state and center losing its sheen and popularity in public. For many years people have been tolerating corruption, scams, law and order problems etc. To some extent they even tolerated rise in prices, however when Central Govt decided to keep on increasing petrol prices everytime by 5-7 Rs on flimsy grounds they decided enough of it. Then the State Govt decided to increase electricity charges and also got ready to collect dues for earlier years also inspite of repeatedly warned by the High Court not to do so. This made people furious as inept officials show their helplessness in collecting pending dues from defaulters but try to extract more from innocent and honest tax payers.
Many feel that if they do their duty and collect dues on time from VVIPS and Govt organisations which are defaulting crores of rupees there won’t be any need for increase in tariffs. Increase in prices of essential commodities, vegetables, food grains left house wives fuming. All sections of people are angry with ruling Govts at state and center and even though they are trying their best to divide people by caste and regional lines, they have made up their mind to teach them a mind blowing lesson to them. However irony is that there are no other alternatives and they have to choose between devil and the deep blue sea and many wonder where imminent change points to. Whether it is good or bad to people in general.