Incomplete Script Worrying Akhil?

Akkineni scion, Akhil has recently ended the huge suspense regarding his third film, by making it official that Venky Atluri of ‘Tholi Prema’ fame is the chosen one. Is the project ready to take off anytime soon? Unlikely, as per the prevalent speculations in inside circles.

In general, the directors who make successful debut, feel immense pressure to prove that they are not fluke and hence take significant time before starting their second film. Sankalp Reedy, Tharun Bhascker, Sandeep Vanga etc. have all done the same. However, Venky Atluri’s second film, #Akhil3, has been announced just about a month after the release of his first directorial, ‘Tholi Prema’.

It is heard that Venky hasn’t yet completed the script work for his second film and that he wishes to take any further step only after he is satisfied with the final draft. Meanwhile, Akhil is said to be worried about the delay that is likely to happen. He can’t look for other options as the project has been officially announced. He doesn’t want to hasten Venky either as it may result in the young director going to sets with half baked script.

That’s a strange dilemma Akhil is facing!