Indian CEO Arrested for US Visa Fraud

Pradyumna Kumar Samal, the CEO of two IT companies in the US, was arrested at Seattle airport yesterday, on Visa fraud charges. He is allegedly involved in a multi year visa fraud, with forged documents to get visas for more than 200 foreign workers.

He reportedly collected around $5000 from each employee as a refundable security deposit for visa filings, irrespective of their project and income. Most of these foreign nationals were unpaid as they were ‘benched’, until they were actually placed at end clients.

The criminal complaint against Samal was launched where in his visa fraud in Washington state for his ‘bench and switch’ fraudulent scheme that exploits foreign national workers and defrauds the US government, was also described.

Samal fled the United States of America in April 2018, while the investigation was ongoing and he was arrested right when he entered the country in Seattle airport. He served as CEO for Divensi and Azimentry in Bellevue, near Seattle, according to an investigation that began in 2015.