Indra to be remade in Hindi with RC or Sallu ?

Speaking about the top shot producers of the Tollywood circuit the name of Aswini Dutt stands tall. He has always been known for crazy combinations of star heroes and star directors. However, with his last few ventures (read ‘Shakti’) bombing like crazy Dutt has been lying low without making much noise.

However, it is now heard that he is all set to take the biggest gamble of his life. It is heard that if ‘Zanjeer’, the debut of Ram Charan in Bollywood, becomes a hit then the plan is that Dutt will remake ‘Indra’ in Hindi with Charan. However, buzz is that he would be changing the tone of the film slightly since Cherry is quite young.
Otherwise, sources say he wants to do the same movie with Salman Khan. And here is the gamble point. Currently, Aswini Dutt is going through a low phase. If he enters Bollywood with this big budget treat only two things will happen, either he will reach the top or his top will be gone. Let us see what happens.