Insecurities In Janasena Team Due To New Arrivals

Currently, the biggest challenge in front of Pawan Kalyan is to build his Janasena team properly. Because when few people don’t get the desired position or attention, they walk out and also try to throw mud on the party itself. This is what happened during Prajarajyam times.

A rumour is doing rounds that the arrival of some new people like Addepalli Sridhar is actually creating some sort of insecurities in Janasena team. From the last 3-4 years, there are some so-called leaders who are wandering around Janasena office, occasionally falling in the eyes of Pawan. Some of them expected to get a green signal from the party president to become an official spokesperson for TV debates. But in the end, Addepalli Sridhar who has recently migrated from BJP to Janasena is now adorned with that honour.

Of course, these types of hues and cries are common in any political party but the way the leader handles such insecurities is actually the best part people like to see. From picking spokespersons to allotting party tickets, it’s definitely a daunting task for this newcomer party in the wake of their inexperience.