Inside News: Pawan’s Janasena Badly Wants Money

Even after four years after its launch in March 2014, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena is still going through several teething problems as the political outfit said to have an acute short of funds.

For any political party to survive and conduct its operations, the basic need is funds and that’s what Janasena lacks now. Presently, the party is said to be going through severe cash crunch. This is said to be taking a toll on party’s activities at the grass-root level. Many analysts are finding fault with Pawan for lack of proper planning in fund raising for the party since its inception.

It is learnt that Pawan’s core team members are now running from pillar to post to muster funds for the party. Even the response for the online donations on party’s official website got lukewarm response despite Janasena social media group vigorously promoting the donations page.

Although a couple of big shots are strongly backing Pawan and has been providing him the luxury cars, flights and housed him in Vijayawada and all his expenses has been taken care of, the star hero-turned-politician is yet to sort out the party’s expenses.

Noted business tycoon Lingamaneni Ramesh is said to be giving strong financial support to Pawan and his political operations. It is also rumoured that film producer and US-based entrepreneur Ram Talluri is providing enough financial backing to Janasena. Pawan is also said to be trying from his own sources.

Despite these, Pawan’s team is badly looking out for other donors from various sources as the general elections are fast approaching and the party needs to intense its campaign. It is also buzzed that a couple of other political parties have come forward to fund Pawan’s Janasena for their interests.

We hear that the next tour of Pawan’s Praja Porata Yatra would also be fixed after overcoming the financial crunch. Currently, Avanthi Srinivas’ brother Muttamsetty Krishna Rao is reportedly taking care of fund raising for Janasena besides others. Let’s wait and see, how far Pawan’s team would overcome the present financial crisis.