Interesting Talk On Sam’s And Chay’s Kissing

It’s not a good thing to compare film and film, actor and actor and a kiss and kiss. But things are going on haywire on social media discussions for various reasons. Same is the case now with Naga Chaitanya kissing his onscreen co-star Anu Emmanuel now in the film ‘Sailaja Reddy Alludu’.

Apparently, when Rangasthalam got released, there was a huge ruckus on the lip kiss done by Samantha with Ram Charan. Though she revealed later that she only kissed on the side of the cheek but with the camera angle giving us an illusion that she kissed him on lips, many didn’t believe that theory. And some moral police went on giving lectures that a married woman should not kiss that way.

Right now, those fans of Samantha who are hurt with the comments on their superstar, are asking, ‘where are those misogynists who are not asking Chay about his kiss with Anu?’. They feel that if some sort of rule is being applied to the married woman, the same goes for her man too.

At a time when Hollywood scenario is going up with married actors and actresses not even hesitating to go nude on the silver screen, Tollywood is struggling to put up a brave front for a lip kiss. That’s the irony!!