Intimate Scene shown on Popular News Channel

Causing an utter embarrassment to the viewers of world’s most-popular news channel BBC, a news show called Ten had telecasted a raunchy adult content in one of its televisions at the background, while the TV anchor Sophie Raworth was presenting news about England cricket team’s victory against South Africa team in fourth and final test match.

According to reports, around 3.8 million viewers were watching the show at that point of time and a person took to Twitter and asked BBC ‘why there is porn video playing on the background of news anchor during a report?’ – such an embarrassing and unintended moment for the British Broadcasting Corporation headquartered in London.

Quickly, the viral video has gained a lot a lot of attention on social media. It can be seen in the video that an employee of BBC was watching the intimate scene with ear phones plugged in and relaxing back on his chair. In the clip that was running at background, the lady undressed her bra while doing a striptease in front an actor.

Responding to the incident, BBC said ‘this has gone down like a lead balloon at the BBC. It is totally unprofessional.’