Is Chiranjeevi considered for CM post?

This sounds a bit bizarre but things are moving positively towards Chiranjeevi as per the sources. Yes, political world is so volatile that anything may happen at any point of time.

The sources from Andhra Bhavan in Delhi say that the steps are being taken to change the CM of the state in the month of April. On the other hand, even Botsa is going to be removed from the position of PCC President. Knowing this, already the leaders like Jana Reddy, JC Diwakar Reddy and R Damodar Reddy have started their lobbying at the center and testing their luck.

But High Command is thinking in different way. There is no leader with mass appeal to drive the party even till 2014 elections. The situation of Congress in AP is going worse day by day. Hence the High Command is thinking to place a leader with mass appeal as CM, to bring a mass hysteria among people. When High Command attempted to zoom its lens on the state, it found only Chiranjeevi as prospective person with bigger mass appeal than any Congress leader in the state. Despite his failure as PRP leader, his presence is seen in state politics at least in considerable way. Instead of placing another senior who has no mass appeal as CM, High Command is thinking to make Chiranjeevi sit in the chair to see a change.

So, let us see what sort of fortune is going to shower on Chiranjeevi. If this happens, the power of Astrology proves correct. Many astrologers said that Chiranjeevi’s political career and image in public will grow big only when his second daughter Srija is with him.