Is Chiru out of Sonia’s Mind now ?

There is no change of leadership in Congress party as anticipated by many leaders of the ruling party. However, one person is said to be receiving punch from high-command even after steering the party to a win by-polls.
Megastar Chiranjeevi is not getting a smooth treatment from the ruling party after the finishing of by-polls. His sharp comments that only PRP cadre has worked well in the by-polls has pushed him into the negative books of high-command it seems. To finish the job of strengthening the cadre in Andhra Pradesh, Sonia is now sending Rahul Gandhi, says a Congress insider. They say that Chiru got erased from Sonia’s mind and this is evident with the MP not giving a glimpse any Congress meetings these days.
Though both Chiru and Rahul are failures as politicians, Megastar is 100 times better than the hereditary-leader of Congress party. If Sonia feels that Chiru cannot come as a lucky mascot for them in 2014 and keeps him aside, things may go worse. There will a huge split in the Kapu vote banks of AP, fetching some other parties, a Chiru admirer stated.