Is Gopichand Making A Risky Attempt?

The action hero wants to forget his engagement breakup story fast as he moves on to work slowly. But in the process, Gopichand is taking some risky decisions that could put his sloppy career in more trouble, feels T-towners.
Under the direction of critically acclaimed director Chandrasekhar Yeleti, Gopi started work for his new movie. The combo already worked for the movie ‘Okkadunnadu’, which got rave reviews and tumbled financially. The story of this current movie revolves around a treasure hunt, as said by the director. At a point where he should do more commercial action-packed movies, Gopichand’s like for screenplay based subjects is shocking everyone.
Critics are saying that this hero lost his Box Office credentials with some nonsense movies and this time people will expect high voltage entertainer from him. Furthermore Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s movies are something different that doesn’t suit his image, they added. Looks like Gopichand is making a risky attempt!