Is Govt Not Ready for Telangana Yet ?

The TRS Chief K Chandrasekhara Rao who has been confidently telling people that Telangana is round the corner, now appears to have realized that he was taken for a ride, as fresh indications are making it clear that the central government was not all that keen to settle the issue in the near future.
The fact that congress party had extended an olive branch to the YSR Congress honorary president Y S Vijayamma during her visit to Sircilla in Karimnagar district is seen by TRS leaders as a danger signal. They now feel that this bonhomie was not the doing of the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, but it was the very hand of friendship extended by the congress high command itself.
Having realized that KCR was led up the garden path by the congress, TRS is now gearing itself to stir up the agitation once again. Despite the serious differences that cropped up between the TRS and the Telangana Political JAC, the two have reportedly come to a fresh understanding that there was need to once again take to serious agitation course. The agenda would be peaceful demonstrations, dharnas by the employees, bandhs, rasta-rokos and the usual works.
TRS leaders are feeling that the Congress party is beginning to choose the YSR Congress as its ally in the 2014 elections. Having displayed its strength in the Parakala by-election, the YSR Congress which has also proved its superior fire power in the Seemandhra has attracted the attention of the Congress leadership. They now feel that it is not a party to be brushed off. Congress leaders recall the declaration of the YSRCP President Y S Jaganmohan Reddy that his party would support the UPA in forming government after the next general elections. Where is the need for antagonizing that party when it is keen on supporting UPA is the question being discussed in the Congress circles. If Jagan could help bring UPA to power, as a helpful ally he could be allowed to have his way in AP, appears to be the thinking of the congress leaders.
Sources say that it was true that Congress leadership had applied its mind to the Telangana tangle seriously soon after the recent by-elections. But some powerful Seemandhra MPs had thrown spanner in the works, say sources. This has resulted in second thoughts and the congress – Jagan tie up plan.
That Congress high command is not in a hurry to settle the Telangana issue was clear when the MPs of Telangana region met the AICC General Secretary and state party affairs in-charge Ghulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday evening. When they asked Azad to hasten the process, he told them that they could have another round of talks during the next session of the Parliament. This is a clear indication that there would be only further discussions and no clear decision in the near future