Is it Really Drawback of Gabbar Singh !?

Pawan Kalyan’s latest film Gabbar Singh is releasing on this Friday without any doubt. The film was cleared by the censors and nothing will happen with protests from police associations for sure. Such things have become most common for big movies nowadays. However, there is one drawback for the movie is what the insiders buzz say!
As most of them suspected, Shruti Haasan, the lead lady in Gabbar Singh, is feared to be the biggest drawback for the film. Shruti with her extreme fair complexion and urban looks didn’t suit the role of a village belle it seems. She will be seen in colorful costumes throughout the movie like a typical village girl.
Buzz says that Shruti didn’t fit the role at all. It will be hard to believe that she is a village girl with her looks. Sonakshi Sinha added so much value to Dabangg with her raw portrayal of the character. Here, Shruti seems to be a failure in making the character believable it seems. Hope this buzz is not true and let’s wish Shruti does justice to her role and the choice of Gabbar Singh team!