‘Insecurity Is Killing Success’ – Chiranjeevi


In a rarest of rare comment, Megastar Chiranjeevi took potshots at writers of present days. Generally he never criticizes too much of anything, but his stringent remarks have come out while comparing old and present generation style of film making. Taking a shot at declining success rate, Chiru points out that ‘insecurity’ is the reason.

‘During making of movies like Rowdy Alludu, writers like Satyanand, Jandyala, and their associates would invite me for the script-discussion sessions. Because we never know what input I suggest might help chalking a new scene or a new character’, says Chiru, attributing the super success of his films to team work. ‘Raghavendra Rao is the captain of our ship, but he always takes key in from me or any other actor about improvement of a scene. Similarly we both used to have sessions with Keeravani. I like rock-beat and KRR likes fruits, so fusing those two resulted in ‘Pandu Pandu’ song (Gharana Mogudu) and that paid off’, he added. Chiru rationalized that if team-work is dominated by individual egos then films will taste bitter.

‘These days writers are so insecure that they don’t share story with anyone other than producer. They are worried that someone would confiscate and steal their ideas. That insecurity is the reason for declining success rate wayward to old times, where hit percentage is quite higher’, the matinee idol pointed out. Chiranjeevi, of course made heavy sense with his comments on present day trend. And that insecurity is the reason we are watching chunks of ‘mass’ ‘routine’ ‘illogical’ movies. What say writers?