Is Ram Gopal Varma Trying To Please KCR?

Noted film director Ram Gopal Varma appears to be striving real hard to get into the good books of T CM KCR. Else, would he make such unnecessary comments and create yet another controversy? Recently, he tweeted asking if it was right for Telangana people to pray for Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati when they had Narasimha Swamy in Yadagirigutta. Though Ram Gopal Varma is a self-confessed atheist, he said that Telangana people praying to Lord Venkateswara meant insulting Narasimha Swamy in Yadagirigutta. 
Bhakti is universal and people of all faiths go to temples in places such as Sabarimala, Amritsar and Vaishno Devi. Does that mean that people are insulting the gods of their native state? In fact, Ram Gopal Varma says that like one loves one’s country, one must love the gods of their state and not clamour after gods of other states. Well, recently KCR announced that he would develop Yadagirigutta on the lines of Vatican City. 
Varma says he is very happy that KCR has taken up the task of developing Yadagirigutta and expressed hope that the people of Telangana will realize the importance of their own gods. Well, there is nothing wrong in Varma trying to impress KCR. But is it right on his part to instigate people and perpetuate separatist thoughts in their minds? It is time that Varma did some introspection before making such controversial statements.