Is RGV great when compared to Jr NTR or YS Jagan ?

In a recent TV interview the anchor mentioned reading a post of an user from facebook, “ Jr NTR says his grand father is great, YS Jagan says his father is great but Ram Gopal Varma says he himself is great”.

Responding to this RGV said, “I never said I’m great”.

Another user in facebook uploaded, “RGV’s father was a sound engineer at Annapurna studios. He is known to public only as RGV’s father, once RGV shot to fame with Shiva. RGV’s grand father’s details are not known to public. And RGV is a man who pulled the attention of entire nation towards him just with his caliber and individual efforts but not by any legacy unlike Jr NTR or Jagan. Hence, what Jr NTR and YS Jagan say is right. And what RGV says is also is right, if he really said it. So, the topic is over”.

Well, there are thousands of people those blast RGV’s ideas, talks, write ups and films. At the same time there are millions those support him by accrediting his deeds.