Is That Allu Sirish Or Sundeep?


Intentions may not be wrong, but the ways particular uttering are conveyed are going to create storm in a tea cup. Mass Raja Raviteja’s warmth praises on dusky hottie Regina Cassandra are leading to similar discussions, like some storms.

‘Regina is the most talented actress and she essayed more popularity than her heroes for a couple of flicks’, said Ravi Teja during audio release of ‘Power’. So, reading between the lines we have to first ask what are those too films. Cine observers say that in both Routine Love Story and Kotha Janta, it is Regina who walked away with honors, while heroes Sundeep and Allu Sirish are clouded by her riveting performances.

Is Ravi Teja talking about those two films and those heroes literally? Or he is pointing at only hero who has done couple of movies with Regina and never amassed that stardom. While Ravi Teja’s comments are vague, there is absolute stuff for our young heroes to learn from them. Otherwise why would one say a heroine has dominated all the time?