ISHQ Review – 3.25/5

Rating: 3.25/5
Film: Ishq
Starring: Nithin,Nithya Menon, J.D.Chakravarthy,Thagubothu Ramesh
Director: Vikram Kumar
Producer: M Vikram Goud
Banner: Sreshta Movies banner
Music: Anoop Rubens


Shiva (Ajay) is a sportsman and is the son of Police Commissioner (Nagineedu). Ajay, who fails in love with his classmate Divya ( Sindu Tulani) turns psychic and so his father throws him out of house. Three years later, Rahul (Nithin) a fun loveing college guy sees Priya (Nithya Menon) and falls for her while flying to Hyderabad. The weather conditions forces the flight to land in Goa. And with the help of his aunt (Rohini) Rahul meets Priya and creates a good impression with friendly and caring nature. In a short span of time, the duo gets close to each other and falls in love. After they arrive to Hyderabad, they get to know that Priya’s brother is Ajay who loved Rahul’s sister Divya. How does Rahul overcome the hurdles and wins his love Priya is all about Ishq.


Nithin has taken a brief gap before Ishq and he has done a good job. He has brought in a refreshing change bys shedding few kilos, his expressions in emotional scenes are apt. His chemistry with Nithya Menon worked big time for the film and when we step out of theaters we just remember the characters Rahul & Priya.

Being a romantic entertainer, female lead Nithya Menon has a good scope for performance and she utilized to the best. Nithya is at ease performing the role of Priya. She is expressive and is a treat to watch.

Ajay bagged a good role and he is perfect. He brings out laughs for his scenes with Ali in the second half. Ali is hilarious, Sindhu Tulani does justice to her role, Rohini gets short yet significant roles, Nagineedu and Supreet are adequate.

Technical Analysis

Pc Sreeram cinematography is outstanding and is the main asset of the film. Anoop Rubens music is pleasing to ears and so is the background score. O Priya Priya and Sootiga Choodaku are greatly shot. Direction by Vikram Kumar is good, the love track was quite impressive. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is crisp and neat; dialogues by Ramesh Samala were apt as per the script. Production Vales are fine.


Director Vikram Kumar’s story for Ishq is simple but it’s the screenplay and narration that made a difference. The first half of the film is good with ample entertainment and the lead pair’s awesome chemistry. PC Sreeram is the hero of the film, his work is adorable, even the simple expressions by the lead pair were aesthetically captured and every frame looked rich. However, the second half of the film goes on predictable note but the pre-climax scenes are good again. The first half is the major plus for the film while the second half remains an average. While Ishq will appeal to the class audiences it doesn’t have much for the masses.

Plus Points

  • Nithin, Nithya Menon’s chemistry
  • PC Sreeram cinematography
  • First half.
  • Ajay
  • Music & Background score
  • Songs Picturisation

Minus Points

  • Drags in the second half
  • Predictable second-half drama
  • Lack of mass elements

Final Verdict

Ishq sticks to its genre- Romantic love entertainer!!!