It Took 28 Years For Indian PM To Visit Aus – Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is attracting NRIs across the world and casting a magic spell with his speeches with his tours like a Pied Piper in various countries. Right after taking the world by storm with his rock star like performance in Maddison Square in USA, some time back, he fascinated Allphones Arena in Olympic Park,Sydney in Australia. Speaking on Monday after receiving massive reception, he said this is not love for Modi but Love for India. 
He promised to build ‘India’ ever Indian dreams of. Modi was widely cheered and greed by wild applause by a 16000 strong crowd. Strengthening bond between two nations he promised visa on arrival for Australian tourists. He said he will be organising Pravaas Baratiya Dinotsav (NRI) day on Jan 9th in Ahmedabad and before that will merge both PIO and OIC. He promised to establish Indian Cultural Cente in Sydney by February. He said Physical Strength alone is not enough and intelligence should be coupled with it. 
He said India is blessed with 250 crore hands. He said Batwar Singh represented Australia in 1964 Olympics and this is no mean achievement. He said his aim is to turn India into Viswa Guru (World Teacher) as announced by Swami Vivekananda. He said “Leave at night and you’ll reach Australia in the morning. But it took 28 years for the PM of India to come here. My friends in Australia, I assure you…you won’t have to wait for 28 more years for such a visit to take place.