‘Item Songs’ shortcut to Stardom

Stunning beauties have found out new but sure short cut to stardom and it is none other than doing special sensuous songs or more popularly known as ‘item songs’. In olden days there used to be starts like Jyothi Lakshmi, Jaya Malini, Jyothi Chitra for doing special songs and they even after doing popular item numbers never used to enjoy the limelight or stardom. However all that changed during past two decades or so and it all started with Maniratnam’s ‘Dil Se’ in which Malaika Khan seduced Sharukh with her hot moves in the song ‘Chayya Chayya’. In Tollywood one has seen the rise of Abhinaya Sri with ‘Aa Ante Amalapuram’ in ‘Arya’ and one need not say more about ‘Ringa Ringa’ song. Mumaith Khan created a sensation with ‘Ippatikinka Na Vayasu’ inviting Prince Mahesh in ‘Pokiri’. She even became heroine in two or three films after the song.
More recently Meenakshi Dixit and Parvathi Melton sizzled in ‘Dookudu’ and later while Meenakshi Dixit became heroine in Srikanth’s ‘Devaraya’ while Parvathi Melton is romancing Balakrishna in ‘Srimannarayana’. Parvathi even went on to give statement that she is not a item gal and her famous ‘Povai Povai’ song in ‘Dookudu’ is one off due to the presence of Prince Mahesh Babu. She says she did that song as she missed opportunity to romance Prince Mahesh Babu in ‘Dookudu’. Popularity of ‘Kevvu Keka’ in ‘Gabbar Singh’ can not be written off and film makers and even top heroines are of the opinion that if offered whopping amount, item number is sure and shortest possible way to sweet success to Stardom.