It’s a hair raising experience – Pawan

After the roaring success of ‘Gabbar Singh’, Pawan Kalyan’s fans are worried about the fate of his future projects at the Box Office. ‘How his next film would be?’, ‘Will it reaches the expectations?’ and ‘What will be it’s range?’ are the questions they have been asking to themselves.
Puri posted a video clip on his twitter page assuring the fans that his film ‘Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu’ with Powerstar will live-up to the hype.
IN PURI’s WORDS: Impressed with the narration of the story given by me on Wednesday night (Yesterday), Pawan gave a long tight hug and told to me that ‘It’s a hair-raising experience’. I was thrilled to see an excited Pawan and It’s the same experience for me as well. Pawan said he is feeling extremely proud to act in this film. It’s the biggest compliment, as the sole reason for doing this film is Pawan Kalyan. He didn’t sleep the whole night after hearing the story, and I couldn’t sleep as well because of the excitement and encouragement he gave to me. I’m getting a lot of calls enquiring about our film, especially after the release of ‘Gabbar Singh’. Don’t worry, get ready for Oct 18 – ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’!
If Puri’s words come true and Pawan delivers back-to-back hits, what will be situation? All the top heroes should pack their bags, Right!