It’s Time for Taman to see Fall !

From last two years of time or so, music director Thaman has become a revelation of sorts in Telugu film industry. Showing monopoly from small to medium to high budget flicks, Thaman is dealing with each and every director, producer and hero currently in market. Offering music at cheap rates and short time has really become the USP of Thaman. In fact talented men like Devi Sri Prasad or Mani Shama have lost their clients overnight. Well, a change is always inevitable and here comes the new name of Anoop Rubens rated as a possible bayonet who can dethrone Thaman.
‘As producers are slowly getting educated on the real quality of Thaman, soon we might see a replacement. Two major hits of the season viz. ‘Poola Rangadu’ and ‘Ishq’ have one name in common and he is Anoop Rubens. This young music director has fresh flavors to serve and his packages are said to be on lower side to Thaman. Going by any norms from producers and directors point of view, we can expect Anoop to rise like a wave in near future and a similar fall of Thaman,’ said an analyst observing the ongoing trend.