I’ve Fans in CM’s Community – Pawan Kalyan

Even as the chorus is growing for the eradication of caste system – especially in the wake of recent issues like honour killings, Pawan Kalyan’s fresh comments in Eluru seem to be raising the community feelings.

In his latest statement, Pawan shocked many rationalists by stating that he has fans from a particular community to which AP CM Chandrababu Naidu belong to. He cautioned the ruling party that he has fans from the community of their leader and hence indicated them to be serious about him. These remarks coming from an influential person like Pawan on public platform is drawing severe criticism from several corners.

Not long ago, Pawan and his party Janasena was under the flak for organizing a ‘private’ meeting for his own community people that was held to raise the funds. Pawan, who often alleges of the deep-rooted casteism in Andhra Pradesh, is also seems to be raking up such aspects to gain political mileage.