I’ve So Many Gay Friends: Naga Shourya

Naga Shaurya has played it very safe in his career so far. Tagged as a soft and handsome hero, Shaurya has stuck to youthful and romantic films. However, his last film Chalo, which was an entertainer, has made him come out of the shell. It also helped him to bounce back with huge commercial success. In a candid-most interview, Naga Shaurya has opened up on various elements. He has wore a heart on his sleeve ahead of the release of Narthanasala on Aug 30th. Excerpts from the one-on-one conversation with Shaurya.

What if Chalo becomes Disaster?

May be, we would have taken sometime to cope up. But it’d have least effect on Narthanasala. We have had already begun the work of Narthanasala. We had even opened a new and separate office for Narthanasala before Chalo release. Had if Chalo became disaster, we still went ahead with Narthanasala without a second thought since that much confidence we have on Narthanasala and director Srinivas.

Had Chalo become bigger hit if Climax was changed?

Frankly, Chalo wasn’t a different story or plot. It was similar to Prabhas’ Mirchi (fight between two villages) and also similar to NTR’s Brundavanam. The treatment for Chalo is fresh. I don’t think Chalo would have been hit if we had serious climax.

Audiences wouldn’t accept if I do action or say lengthy dialogues like Prabhas or NTR respectively. So from the beginning, we were very clear to make climax very light-hearted one. And as we expected, it worked.

What was Narthanasala Director’s Reaction after Chalo?

Director Srinivas was a bit worried before Chalo’s release. He had his apprehensions that we may not do Narthanasala if Chalo wasn’t successful. But my parents and I were very clear on Narthanasala story and were pretty confident.

Any changes to Narthanasala after Chalo?

You don’t believe, but it’s true. We haven’t made any major change to Narthanasala after Chalo’s success. We simply retained what we had discussed during the first narration. Because, Narthanasala’s USP is its story, content. It will be an out-and-out entertainer.

Why a gay role?

This is a different attempt from me and people would enjoy this in theatres. Actually, personally I feel gays or lesbians shouldn’t be discriminated. Not many know that gays are good-hearted humans. I’ve so many gay friends. They’re all good. I often talk to them and have friendly conversations.

Even when they drop in at my shooting locations, security people stop them at the entrance. Whenever I see them, I tell security people to allow them inside. They always like the way I treat them. In fact, they don’t even ask money from me. If I say I don’t have since usually, I don’t carry money with me, they say it’s okay and they just talk and leave.

What are your upcoming films?

My next film is Nari Nari Naduma Murari directed by newcomer Raja Kolusu. This film is being produced by Bhavya Creations. And I’ve signed another film Ghana with debutante director Ramana Teja. It’s going to be very serious film and heart-wrenching film. People would stand and clap after watching it on screen. And couple of other films are in talks with new directors and also with some big banners.