IYR to join BJP or YSRC?

Former chief secretary of Andhra Pradesh IYR Krishna Rao, who raised a banner of revolt against the Chandrababu Naidu government in the state, seems to be uncertain about his future plans – whether to join politics; and if he does, which party he would go with.When IYR started raising his voice against Naidu following his ouster from the AP Brahmin Welfare Corporation chairman post, there were suspicions that he might join the YSR Congress party.

For, he not only strongly defended the postings of a social media activist supporting YSRC president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy against Naidu and Lokesh, but also opposed the arrest of the activist. He even shared pro-Jagan cartoons on his Facebook page.Secondly, the main allegation against IYR was that he had favoured several YSRC activists belonging to Brahmin community in distribution of scholarships, instead of the TDP workers.

He even used to maintain close relations with YSRC MLA Kona Raghupathi, who is also a Brahmin.

But, of late, IYR has been giving indications that he is favouring Bharatiya Janata Party. He is moving closely with people with RSS and BJP backgrounds and making statements in support of Modi.He also found fault with the TDP for moving a no confidence motion against BJP led NDA government at the centre, knowing fully well that the motion would be defeated because of the majority the BJP enjoyed in Lok Sabha.

He pointed out that the no-confidence motion would not bring any drastic change in the political scenario and also improve the relations between the BJP and the TDP.Supporting the BJP, IYR said there was no point in blaming the BJP now, as the TDP government had already agreed for special package in lieu of Special Status and demanding constitutional recognition.“Had the TDP questioned the government on the funds allocated regards to special package, they would have been in the advantageous position. However TDP lost that opportunity with no confidence motion,” he opined.