Jabardasth anchor Anasuya video creating sensation


‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ has become the flavor of the season. In an attempt to help the patients suffering from ALS, many celebrities across the world have come up to participate in this Ice Bucket Challenge. One after the other, the celebs are taking up the ice bucket challenge and emptying a bucket full of ice on their heads and posting the video on their social networking account walls.

Down South, Hansika became the first celeb to take up the challenge and post the video on Facebook. Later many celbes like Gutta Jwala;Nikhi;Swathi and Manchu Lakhmi took up the challenge.Now Jabardasth anchor Anasuya took up the challenge.Anasuya did it after her friend nominated her for this Anasuya said that she has taken up this challenge for a good cause and explained about the cause by citing well known scientist Stephen Hawkins’s case.  

Anasuya who known for her talkative skills once again showcased her talent and fans can’t resist themselves without watching the video twice.The video is currently going viral on social networking sits. Of late, Anasuya has been missing the limelight. Many are now wondering whether is this an attempt by Anasuya to stay in light?