Jaffa Director in Comedy King’s Awards Museum !

If each of our superstars has one million fans each, then a person who is the favorite of all those heroes fans should be called as superstar to the power of superstar. Who is that super power star? That is none other than our Telugu cinemas pride Brahmanandam, the man who has set a Guinness record by acting in highest number of films.
There is no match for Brahmanandam in all these years and we don’t think that we could find another Brahmi in the future. He has turned out to be the synonym for comedy in Telugu lives. Brahmanandam’s awards will speak volumes about the actor’s talent. He has won numerous awards in his illustrious career so far.
One room is not enough to place all the awards of the master comedian. This is a picture of Brahmanandam’s awards. Comedian turned director Vennela Kishore is showing the master’s achievements in this picture. Doesn’t it look like an awards museum? We are sure that there are more jewels to be added to the Hasya Brahma’s already crowded crown!