Jagan becoming Chiranjeevi?

This may come as surprise for many because all leading news channels across the nation and polls from various agencies predict bright future for YS.Jagan led YSR CP which is all set to sweep AP elections whenever they are held. However a close look at the happenings of the party and the behavior of the party’s cadre seems all is not that bright in the party and the party’s bubble may soon be bursting.
Many feel the situation of the party is similar to that of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s PRP party during its launch. Many politicians shifted sides after seeing the tremendous response Chiru was getting and inspite of the party facing shortage of cadre problem, due to fans support the party went on to win 18 MLA seats. However mismanagement of party and internal bickering undid the party which forced Chiru to disband the party and join Cong.
Currently YSR CP is seeing inflow of leaders from all parties who are aspiring tickets in the next elections. In this way each constituency is facing heavy competition as all are aspiring for tickets and power that will come when they win, rather than work for the party. Already fights have started between various leaders and even staunch supporters of YS.Jagan like Ambati Rambabu are forced to fight for their survivals.
With Jagan out in Jail and Vijayamma relatively new, many predict YSRCP bubble will soon burst and Jagan going Chiranjeevi’s way.