Jagan becoming Ghajini ?

One is aware that Mohd Ghajini needed 16 attempts before plundering India’s wealth. While some cite his example to show his unflinched will to achieve his mission even after successive failures, others show it his strength of weakness. Now many are comparing Kadapa MP YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy with Ghajni and started mocking fun of him. Till recently his loyalists and YSR party leaders including Jagan used to give statements that they will not go back on their words on any issues and even when his detractors made allegations of corruption against him, they dared to prove it in the court of law. However when the all powerful MP was put behind bars following directions of court, they changed their track and accused the Govt that it is using the law enforcing departments for its petty politics.
After going to Jail, Jagan instead of fighting it out in courts and proving his innocence, started applying for bail just like all other politicians. Even though Supreme Court of India rejected his bail application twice or thrice, Jagan is waiting for his next opportunity to come with another bail application. His opponents are making fun of him taunting that he is running away from proving his innocence and his becoming genex Ghajini with his bail applications. His supporters even God can not prove his innocence when courts are managed by opponents and say their leader will come out one day and teach them a fitting lesson.