Jagan doubtful on Tullur Farmers!

YSRCP was formed committee with its leaders to fight for the interests of the farmers who sacrificed their land for the capital. The committee was completed its visit to 6 villages in Tullur and Mangalagiri mandals to know the opinions of the farmers in giving the land to the Government. Senior Politician Umareddy Venkateswarulu led the YSRCP committee and submitted its report to Jagan. 
Jagan was enquired about the situation in Guntur district. Guntur YSRCP leaders said that 30% of the farmers are agreed in giving their land for the capital. 70% of the farmers are against to do that. Finally at the end of the meeting, YSRCP leaders confirmed and told to Jagan that 60% of the farmers agreed for giving their land for the capital. YSRCP leaders challenged TDP ministers for lie detector test.
Alla Ramakrishna Reddy said that farmers haven’t agreed in giving their land. Jagan questioned the Guntur leaders on co-operation of the farmers to agitate against the Government. YSRCP has organized to do dharna opposite Visakhapatnam Collectrate for CBN’s failure in implementing election promises on December 05th.