Jagan insults India

YSR.Supporters and YSRCP leaders hail their party chief YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of late YS.Rajasekhar Reddy as the most clean political leader who fight for the cause of people and go to any extent without budging on his word even if it means going to jail. He came out of Congress to prove these qualities and went on the so called ‘Odarpu Yatra’-“Condolence Yatra’ to console people who lost their kith and kin after hearing the news of sudden demise of YSR.
His opponents launch a scathing attack on Jagan holding him responsible for the present state of politics in AP and the condition of the sate and accuse him of indulging in quid pro qo acts when his father was the CM. However he denies all this, however he was sent packing to Chanchalguda Jail. He got a chance to showcase his patriotism towards Country and his countrymen during Independence Day. However he chose not to salute the flag and show his patriotic fervor.
His detractors say he is unpatriotic and is interested in dividing the society on caste, creed and religious lines. Jagan got into further trouble when his over enthu supporters erected posters comparing him with Gandhi. Even some of his supporters feel that Jagan is aleniating people with high handed acts hurting the sentiments of patriotic Indians