Jagan to be Jailed Soon?

Well, the whole state is so anxious to know the judgement of Jagan’s cases about his illegal investments and the way he made so many crores. He managed to get out of many hearings stating that he was busy in political issues and touring places. 
However, Jagan is graded as A1 culprit in this illegal money case. He has been facing this case for taking up huge investments and making money in crores. Jagan finally now attended the special CBI court along with another culprit in the case and Jagan’s financial advisor Vijaya Sai Reddy. 
Not only them but also politicians, IAS officers and many well-educated people are involved in this case. They are called for the special court on December 19th. However, Jagan is planning for a Mahadharna in Vizag to make a mark. What do you think will be the judgment? Will he be jailed? Or out of the case?