Jagan’s Arrest is a big mistake – Sonia Ghandi !

Congress high-command has finally opened eyes and realized the big mistake they have done in Andhra Pradesh. None other than their party head has revealed this to an MP of our state.
Congress MP Palvai Govardhan has met big boss Sonia Gandhi the other day to give his report on state. He said that Sonia feels arresting Jagan is the big mistake done before by-polls, which secured a huge sympathy and turned into vote banks. Whether it is not known if CBI can be controlled by Government at the centre or not, the step has given a big blow to the Congress party. ‘There will be lot of changes in AP after presidential elections. Though there is no question of power shifting, changes are imminent’, says Palvai.
On the day of Jagan’s arrest itself, everyone knows that sympathy wave will work towards the YSR Congress and they will come with flying colors in elections. One should wonder why it took so much time for Sonia Gandhi to realize this.