Jagapati Babu Shocking Statements: Conspiracy To Kill Me!!!!

Family hero turned character artist Japarthi Babu made sensational comments that he had treat to his life. Yesterday at Film Chamber he participated in success meet of the film ‘Jai Bolo Telangana’ which was based on Telangana movement directed by Director N. Shankar. Jagapati Babu was cast in a lead and it acquired a good response in Telangana region and at the same time negative talk in Andhra region.


During the success meet Jagapathi shocked everyone by saying that he received life treating calls from unknown persons who are hailing from Andhra and Telangana region too. He elaborated his statement as, “I am basically an artist and I have no such issues like language, region and nativity etc… That’s why I had accepted to play in the film ‘Jai Bolo Telangana’. At that time when I accepted this film, I have received threatening calls both from the Telangana and as well as from Andhra region too. The Andhra people used to call and ask me ‘Being an Andhra man how can you accept to do a film which support Telangana movement. And Telangana people scared me not to do this film. At moments some conspiracies also made to kill me for accepting this film. But, as an artist I am concerned to the people not to region, language are anything else, so I strongly decide to act in this film”.


He also added, “Output of the film was very good, Director Shankar brought it very carefully. I used to take part in the shooting amidst almost 20,000 Telangana people. Though I played in more than 100 films, ‘Jai Bolo Telangana’ would remain one of the notable films in my career. The film doesn’t not downgrade any one from any region we have showed struggle of the people. In a map there will be change of lines, but not in our hearts. Don’t send us either to Vizag or to Chennai. Let us remain together as usual. Let us work for the improvement of the Telugu people and Telugu film industry.” Even though he shocked with his initial statement but his last conclusion to keep Telugu People united made many happy who graced the event.