Jana longing for freedom

Panchaythi Raj Minister Jana Reddy is the all powerful politician in Andhra Politics. His name always crops up when ever news of CM change does round in the state. Being the senior most leader from the region of Telangana adds up to his advantage and his close association with Union Minister Jaipal Reddy who has immense clout in Congress Core Committee and High Command including Sonia Gandhi, raises his stakes. Even then to the surprise of many Jana is longing for freedom and he revealed his wish many times in his media interactions.
If one thinks that Jana is longing for freedom from firebrand politics and T-turmoil that is burning the state then they are mistaken. He expressed his wish and requested media not to trouble him asking him difficult questions in his pres conference. He said he has full understanding on all subjects and problems prevailing in the state and requested scribes to understand him and cooperate with him. He said state is troubled by current and drought due to nil rain fall even in the rainy season. He asked people and even opposition to understand the situation.
When an enthusiastic scribe questioned him is that not the lack of foresight and apathy on the part of Govt, he asked the scribe to remember his earlier request not to fire him with any questions. He once again asked freedom from fiery questions.