Janasena – A Rudderless Ship

There is huge betting going on in the Telugu states now and it’s not on IPL but on Pawan Kalyan. Yes, you heard that right, it’s on the power star.The Agynaathavasi actor has gained a reputation for saying something today and saying something completely different, the next day. Naturally, this has attracted the attention of punters and huge bets are being made on what Pawan Kalyan will speak each time he opens his mouth.

And remember Praja Rajyam which was launched by Chiranjeevi and later merged with the Congress?Many prominent people joined the party initially but left later on once they realised about the massive corruption and lack of leadership in the party. But things were fine in Praja Rajyam at least for the first six months. Not so in the case of Jana Sena.With a lot of pomp and ceremony, Pawan Kalyan had formed a Joint Fact Finding Committee comprising Dr JP, Vundavalli and other seniors, recently.

Now, barely a few weeks later, Dr JP and other members, irritated with Pawan’s attitude have quit the JFC and formed their own independent committee.The JFC was the first big initiative of Pawan Kalyan and already his team has quit. This once again proves that the Jana Sena founder is a man without clarity or vision.His party is like a rudderless ship that is just drifting aimlessly in the ocean of politics.