Janasena Will Slap Chiru’s Traitors – Pawan Kalyan

“A great Megastar who has the only intention of doing good to people got eaten away by some insects. That way they stopped Praja Rajyam Party being the political revival and revolution in the state pained me a lot” stated Janasena President Pawan Kalyan, in an emotional outburst, during his Vizag tour today.

Confirming that his Janasena will be an answer to those critics of PRP, he explained what pains him a lot when it comes to the fate Chiranjeevi has met in politics.

“Few people have backstabbed a great person like Chiranjeevi garu for their selfish greed. With their short-sightedness and wrong assumptions, they cheated a person who has a great heart for service and also a committed individual. I didn’t forget any of those guys who backstabbed him” he said, breaking the party supporters into cheers.

While his comments are surely surprising for political circles, the way he added that he’s preparing an answer for them sounded like a revenge drama. “It is not enough if we slap them or hit them. But Janasena party will answer to those traitors with a slapping answer”, he articulated.

Well, rather leaving people in ambiguity, the Janasena President should have spelt few names. Is he talking about the ones who forced Chiru to merge Prajarajyam Party with Congress? Or the ones who ditched him after election defeat and started firing stones at him? Or about those guys who brought disgrace to PRP in the name of ticket allocation? Name them, Pawan!