Jayanth Catches Another Political Heir!

Some directors are known for introducing newcomers and some producers are known for introducing star kids. And there is this vintage director who is right now introducing some political heirs.

Long ago, director Jayanth C Paranji is the most sought after one but these days his films are not getting the attention anymore. Becuase of sloppy stories and outdated narration, he’s unable to roll the dice to big numbers. However, he’s the favourite for golden-spoon guys who want to make a splash in the film industry.

After a long break post Pawan Kalyan’s Teenmaar, recently Jayanth introduced Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao’s son Ganta Ravi through “Jayadev” movie. Now he’s bringing another newcomer named Nilesh Eti, who comes up from a prominent political family. With the story of a boxer, who fights in Pakistan for the sake of India, Jayanth is launching this guy through the movie which is tentatively titled “Narendra”. The film has Brazilian model Izabelle Leite playing a Pakistani human rights activist.

It looks like the heirs of many political families are these days finding Jayanth as the right person to launch their sons and they are investing themselves in production by paying a huge sum to the director as well.