JC At Rhetoric Best: From PM Naidu To CM Lokesh, Divorce With BJP To Jagan’s Mindset

Telugudesam MP JC Diwakar Reddy made sure that his strong rhetoric at the ongoing “Mahanadu” will be quite different from what others do. While pledging his love for AP CM Chandrababu, he made sure that his honest talk will stand tall. Have a look at some of the salvo fired by him at the Telugudesam party event.

PM Chandrababu Naidu

“Sir, it’s enough!! You’ve served almost 15 years as Chief Minister of state. The country needs you. Go there and become a Prime Minister” said JC Diwakar Reddy, splitting everyone on the stage into awe. He added, “BJP government is not playing a constructive role and they need you to set things right. Make your son Lokesh as Chief Minister and leave”.

Also, JC joked that Chandrababu is a very strict Chief Minister who works round the clock and holds a teleconference with every government official. He said that even local MLAs and MPs don’t get the time of bureaucrats because they are always busy in a teleconference with CM.

CM Lokesh

“Lokesh has all the right to become Chief Minister of state. When there is a huge crisis within the family, he (Naidu) took things into hands and set everything right. He has built a party with his hard work and sacrifice. What’s wrong with giving the baton and passing the legacy to his son Lokesh? Yes, Lokesh should become CM” Diwakar Reddy said.

He also gave an example: “There are rich MPs like Jayadev here. Tomorrow he gives the whole of his firms and money to his son only. I gave my total assets to my son Pawan. So there is no wrong in giving TDP’s steering wheel to Lokesh”

Imminent Divorce With BJP

“I’ve gone to Delhi along with Naidu to meet Narendra Modi. He offered tea but spoke nothing about AP’s Special Status. Then only I’ve understood that he will give nothing and warned Naidu that this relationship with BJP will end up in a divorce” he said.

JC also added that Chandrababu has played cool guy all the time because BJP is in power and state should not miss any benefit from Centre with TDP breaking ties with the ruling party.

Chandrababu’s Corruption

“Jagan accuses that Chandrababu came up with 2 acres and today his son has 3000 crores Heritage. So, what do YSR’s father and Jagan’s grandpa Raja Reddy has? He too has the same two acres. And today everyone knows how much Jagan amassed” he quipped, making a stark attack against Jagan’s recent comments.

He also added: “Chandrababu has no need to earn money through projects and give it to his son. Heritage is giving his son 3000 crores and tomorrow it might give 15000 crores. If there is any fraud happened in Polavaram then our guy Kiran (ex-CM Kiran Kumar Reddy) did the mistakes, after failing bait for some amyamya!! (read bribes)”.