Jeevitha Blames Media For Spreading Rumors

Actress Jeevitha who was sentenced two years simple imprisonment in a check bounce case today by Erramanzil Court, vowed to fight it out in the High Court. Jeevitha who got bail after she furnished two sureties and a personal bond of Rs 25 lakhs later blamed media. 
Jeevitha, actress, producer, who is also wife of yesteryear angry young man Rajasekhar, said she was made scapegoat. Jeevitha blamed media for spreading rumours about court passing arrest warrant against her and said she will prove that the producer who complained against her forged everything.
Jeevita, BJP spokesperson in Telangana said she will prove them and come out clean against all the allegations. She said it is infact Sekhar Reddy who should pay her money as he produced Evadaithe Nakenti and not vice versa.