Jeevitha Blasts On Media & Cheap Allegations

“If you got cheated once, it’s cheating. If you got cheated twice, okay we will agree. But how come you say you got cheated for all the ten years? Is there truth in that allegation?” says Jeevitha Rajasekhar, as part of blasting those series of canons against Sri Reddy and troupe who are making cheapest allegations on Tollywood from last one month.

“With the kind of accusations these actresses are making, some ‘Pichi Prajalu’ will even believe that whatever they are saying is true. These actresses who are making accusations are sounding as if every cinema actress will sleep with someone for offers. That’s wrong. People should know this. It is completely baseless and unethical allegation against us” says Jeevtiha, adding that the likes of Asifa are innocents who don’t know what crime is being committed against them, but the likes of this Sri Reddy have 30 years age to distinguish between good and bad.

Jeevitha stated that women should file complaints if they have felt that they got exploited rather cheaply talking about other celebs in the industry. After breathing fire on activist Sandhya who went on confirming in a TV channel debate that Jeevitha is supplying hostel girls to husband Rajasekhar, she claimed that media should follow ethics rather crying loud for sensationalism.

“Those who have calibre and who got popularity will be given chances in Film Industry. If you have talent and if you prove it, you will get chances. But just because you’re a Telugu girl and you came from a village, you will not get chances. Why would a producer invest on you if you’re not a saleable product? Tomorrow if he gets losses, who would bear it?” she says,

“The likes of Neerav Modi and Vijay Mallya defaulted loans, but there are many who are paying loans. Now, will you say whole banking and banks are wrong? Are those two are wrong? You have the answer. So don’t blame Film Industry” she stressed. “I’m sending my two daughters into this industry and I’m very fond and confident of this place” she added.

Also, Jeevitha felt that it’s very sad that Film Industry is not coming out to speak about it when the likes of Sri Reddy are throwing mud on everyone.