Journey beauty turns Nanny

Actress Ananya who impressed Telugu audience with her performance and charm in Journey is going to play a nanny in in Malayali movie Thomson Villa.
“The story revolves around a young girl who struggles to make ends meet. While hunting for a job, she meets businesswoman who offers her a job. She gets appointed as the nanny to her five-year-old son. She then comes to Thomson Retreat Villa, which is located at a posh housing colony,” shares Abin, the director of the movie who is making his debut with this movie.
However, it is not Ananya who plays the protagonist in this film, but the five-year-old boy, played by Gaurisankar. Thomson Villa explores family relationships. “It’s about an incident that happens in the life of the little boy; how Ananya finds out about that and goes on to solve his problem,” explains the director.