Jr NTR competes with Hollywood Heroes!

Jr.NTR’s ‘Dammu’ and Hollywood flick ‘Avengers’ are in side by side theaters at many A centers across the state. The effect is in turn seen on the second show and first show of the movies.
The comparison is not between these two films, as Jr’s movie will have an upper hand in Telugu circuit anyways. It is heard that kids and teens are opting to watch ‘Avengers’ if they get a slightest inconvenience at ‘Dammu’ ticket counters. With fans still rushing in to watch Junior’s flick on Monday too, kids who cannot stand all the way in line are jumping to the counters of that Hollywood movie available next.
They feel that both the movies have same number of fights, but ‘Avengers’ had an upper hand with five Hollywood Hero characters taking centre stage in the movie. One can easily say that kids love to watch Hulk and Iron Man than Jr.NTR!